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the advantages and disadvantages of tooth contouring

Dental contouring is an economical and conservative — meaning not drastic and minimally invasive — cosmetic dentistry procedure to eliminate small flaws in your teeth. Sometimes you’ll see dental contouring referred to as tooth reshaping, which is an excellent way to explain dental contouring. Contouring reshapes your teeth to remove minor defects, such as irregular shapes, small chips, prominent points, or sharp edges.

How is Tooth Contouring in West Edmonton Done?

During tooth contouring in West Edmonton, our dentist will remove tiny amounts — mere millimetres — of the outer layer of your tooth, called enamel. Even the tiniest changes in the size, shape, and surface appearance of one or more teeth are enough to transform the appearance of your smile.

Depending on what is revealed by an initial examination, the staff at our dental clinic in Edmonton may take x-rays before beginning tooth reshaping. Once the suitability of your teeth for dental contouring is confirmed through digital imaging, our dentist will mark your teeth to guide the small changes to be made. Tooth contouring near you is accomplished by using various dental implements and methods of abrasion with a sanding instrument and even small strips akin to sandpaper. Once the intended changes have been made, our dentist near you will use different instruments to smooth and polish your teeth’ surfaces.

Dental contouring is sometimes done in combination with cosmetic bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique where our dentist uses a tooth-coloured putty-like material to fill gaps in and sculpt or reshape minor flaws in teeth. The same composite resins used in bonding attach fillings and crowns. The resins are coloured to match the colour of your natural teeth as subtly as possible. Once the bonding material is applied to your tooth, sculpted, and smoothened, it will be exposed to high-intensity light to harden and cure.

What are The Advantages of Tooth Contouring Near You?

  • Tooth contouring at our dental clinic in Edmonton is a very inexpensive and economical cosmetic dentistry option for eliminating minor flaws in your teeth
  • Tooth reshaping is a painless procedure that can be performed without any anesthesia since it affects only the outer enamel layer of your tooth
  • Because tartar can develop and accumulate on irregular edges, chips, and cracks on your teeth and where teeth overlap. Eliminating those irregular edges, chips, cracks, and overlaps can reduce the risk of tartar accumulation which can contribute to harmful tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Although primarily a cosmetic dentistry procedure, tooth contouring can achieve some of the results of much more complicated and expensive orthodontic work by helping teeth appear straighter and eliminating slight overlaps between teeth

What are The Disadvantages of Tooth Contouring in West Edmonton?

  • Contouring is appropriate for minor flaws on portions of individual teeth. To make more dramatic changes affecting the entire surface of one or more teeth, veneers may be a more appropriate cosmetic dentistry option
  • While the staff at our dental clinic near you will proceed cautiously and conservatively to remove the least amount of material possible, there is a risk of removing too much enamel. You may be more vulnerable to tooth sensitivity or breakage in that case

Is tooth contouring appropriate for you? Contouring is not an appropriate approach to addressing significant tooth issues such as decaying teeth, the need for a root canal, or periodontal (gum) disease. If, on the other hand, you generally have healthy teeth with minor flaws, tooth contouring at our dental clinic near you offers a quick and economical solution that might make even bigger impacts than you’d imagine.