Dental Bonding Near You

Dental bonding can restore or improve a patient’s smile. During this procedure, a tooth-coloured resin material is applied and hardened using a special light to bond the material to the tooth.

dental bonding in west edmonton

When is Dental Bonding Recommended?

Receiving dental bonding in West Edmonton, AB T5R 1W2 can correct many issues such as cracked or chipped teeth, tooth decay, exposure to gum recession, gaps between teeth, short teeth, and unsightly concerns.

In addition, dental bonding in Edmonton can be used as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.

teeth bonding near you

What is the Procedure for Having a Tooth Bonded?

  • Preparation: Minimal advance preparation is required to perform dental bonding and the use of local anesthesia is usually unnecessary. Using a shade guide, the dentist will determine a composite resin colour that will blend with the patients smile.
  • The Bonding Process: The dentist will roughen the surface of the tooth and apply a conditioning liquid. These procedures allow the bonding material to affix to the tooth. Next, the resin is applied, moulded and smoothed to the desired shape. Lastly, using a light or laser, the dentist will harden the material and make further trimming, shaping and polishing adjustments.

The dental bonding process takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete for each tooth.

How Long Does Bonding Material Last?

The results for dental bonding in West Edmonton, AB T5R 1W2 will vary depending on the patient. The lifespan of dental veneers is reliant on how much bonding was needed and how well the patient cares for their teeth. The bonding material can last anywhere from 3 years to 10 years.

Patients can extend the lifespan of dental bonding material by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding hard candy, ice cubes, and other damaging substances. Patients should also avoid stain-inducing beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine.