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another first for your infant! a dentist

There’s a lot to think about in a newborn’s excitement. It’s easy to forget your little one’s teeth. After all, you won’t see them for months, although your son or daughter was born with 20 lying beneath those tiny gums. When should your child go to our pediatric dentist in West Edmonton for the first time?

Pediatricians and pediatric dentists recommend that you take your child to see a pediatric dentist soon after their first tooth emerges and by Junior’s first birthday at the latest. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentists promotes a “1+1=ZERO” approach. What does this mean? It means the one dental visit when your child has just one tooth can equal zero calories.

Why Should a Baby Visit a Pediatric Dentist by Their First Birthday?

Baby teeth are more important than a lot of people think! But more on that later.

Our pediatric dentist near you will spot early signs of tooth decay and respond immediately with preventative steps to get your child on track for a healthy mouth.

Our pediatric dentist at Westside Family Dental will recommend an oral care program to help develop good habits that will keep your child’s mouth healthy for a lifetime.

A study in the medical journal Pediatrics demonstrated that children who see a dentist by their first birthday incur 40 percent lower dental costs in the first five years than those who don’t. Those good early habits can deliver significant value.

Are Baby Teeth Important?

People may underestimate the importance of your child’s baby teeth. Do not disregard them because they’ll fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. Keeping those baby teeth healthy is essential for four reasons:

  • At the age when they have baby teeth, children need to learn to chew and eat properly. Those young teeth are essential to learning to eat nutritionally and growing healthily. If baby teeth develop decay and cavities, tooth pain could turn your child off food
  • Your baby’s teeth play a significant role in helping them learn to speak properly
  • Your child’s primary teeth define the path that their adult teeth will follow
  • Self-esteem and confidence associated with a bright, healthy smile are not just an issue for adults. Kids glean confidence from healthy and clean teeth

How to Help a Child Nervous About the Dentist?

New things are hard, and — it’s no secret — going to the dentist can be a source of anxiety, even for adults. Going for the first time can be a nervous experience for someone who hasn’t even turned one. Not letting those natural nerves get in the way of this first dental visit is important. Here are four tips for getting around those nerves.

Next time you go to our dentist near you for a routine checkup, take your little one with you — just let our dentist know you’re going to. Getting familiar with the type of environment, and seeing Mom or Dad go through a similar process, will help.

Pediatric dentists’ offices near you may have books, posters, and online resources that you can use at home to teach children about their teeth and how dentists help keep their mouths strong and healthy. You can also find resources on the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists’ website.

Have fun with it. Take the fear out of caring for and looking at your child’s teeth by showing them yours, looking at theirs in a mirror, or using them to learn to count. Lots of kids play doctor; be the family that plays dentist.

The time is right. When your first visit comes, set your child up for success by ensuring they’re well-rested and as relaxed as possible.

Don’t forget that our pediatric dentist in West Edmonton is your biggest partner in this. They want the visit to go smoothly, and they’re experts in dental care for kids. Lean on that expertise. When you can set up your child’s first dental appointment, contact our dentist near you.