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9 effective tips for speedy recovery after root canal therapy

If you’re preparing for or considering root canal treatment, our dentist in Edmonton and their staff will tell you what to expect, what you’ll experience, and everything you need to know about the procedure. Generally, your mouth and gums will feel completely normal — except you won’t have infection-related pain and swelling — within a week or two of your procedure.

You can do several things after your root canal procedure to ensure the quickest and most smooth recovery possible.

Don’t Eat Right Away

Avoid eating immediately after your procedure, and definitely not until the numbness in your mouth has fully disappeared. When you start eating, be careful not to chew or bite directly with the affected tooth until all tenderness in the area is gone.

Elevate Your Head And Hold Off On Eating

After your procedure, you will notice soreness and swelling around your mouth. You can help with that swelling by keeping your head elevated while you sleep for the first few nights as you recover. Keeping your head propped up on an extra pillow will help reduce the discomfort.

Use Over-The-Counter Pain Medications

While the procedure was painless, you’ll experience pain and discomfort around your gums and jaw once the anesthetic wears off. Our dentist will recommend taking ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory painkiller sold under Advil, as one example.

Gargle With Warm Salted Water

Gargling with warm water and salt will help keep your mouth clean and prevent infection in the gums surrounding your affected tooth. The ratio of salt to water should be approximately half a teaspoon to one cup of warm — but not hot — water.

Ice Cream And Cold Compresses

Eating ice cream and using cold compresses will help to keep the swelling down following your root canal procedure. Since you may notice tooth sensitivity in your affected tooth, avoid eating ice cream with that part of your mouth. Use a cold compress for up to 15 minutes several times a day following the procedure until the swelling has subsided.

Avoid Causes Of Inflammation

Ice cream and cold compresses will help keep your procedure-related swelling down. While recovering, avoid drinking hot drinks, smoking, drinking with straws, and drinking alcohol. All of those things can promote inflammation. Also, avoid eating foods that can get stuck between teeth until healing is complete and the risk of re-infection is fully passed.

Take a Break

The first two days after a root canal procedure are not the time for playing sports, physical labour, running, or hiking. Instead, take that time to relax and avoid strenuous activity while recovering.

Don’t Be Surprised by the Sensitivity

Some sensitivity to heat, cold, and discomfort while biting is normal in the first week or two after a root canal procedure. You’ll be tempted to probe around the treated area with your tongue. That’s normal, but so is the sensation of sensitivity and soreness that may result.

Don’t Hesitate

Our dentist will tell you exactly what to expect during your recovery and give you specific directions for your case. These tips will help promote a speedy recovery, too. If you experience unexpected symptoms or complications — which are rare but possible — do not hesitate to contact our dentist in Edmonton to discuss them and get advice.

In particular, if you experience excessive bleeding, severe pain, fever, persistent or increasing swelling, or adverse reactions to medication, you should contact our dentist or an emergency dentist to address any emerging issues.

Root canal treatment near you has a 95% success rate, and there’s every reason to expect that your procedure will be a successful and permanent solution to your tooth infection, especially with your commitment to aftercare.