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Endodontics in Edmonton

Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure that is often misunderstood. It is used to preserve a tooth when the soft tissues of the tooth (the pulp) are at risk of infection.

When a tooth is damaged by decay or injury, bacteria can infect the pulp through the cracks in the tooth's enamel. When this happens, the infection can spread to the soft tissue surrounding the tooth, leading to a dangerous abscess. Eventually the infection can weaken the supporting tissues until the tooth loosens and needs to be removed.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment prevents the loss of an damaged tooth by the surgical removal of the pulp. Depending on the type of tooth and damage, the tooth is then restored with a dental crown or a filling.

Despite an undeserved reputation for being painful, modern root canal treatments are no more painful than getting a filling.

Have you damaged a tooth, or are you suffering from intense toothache? Call our office to book a dental examination.

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